"You have the choice to create the life your heart is yearning to live"

~ Mahatma Gandhi

We give all our energy to work that we're not even sure we like, never mind love. We earn the promotions, the bigger paychecks, the recognition - and all these pats on the back feel good for a while. Yet at the end of the day, we have little energy or motivation left for the pursuits that bring real joy to our lives.


But now that thirst for meaning in your work and balance in your life is growing inside of you. A desire for more;


Coach Jessica Urquhart looking across Bryce Canyon National Park while making big decisions and choosing her path

Each of us travels life on a different path. Your values - the aspects of life that spark your curiosity - the callings of your inner wisdom and sense of joy - all combine to look different than anyone else's. Yet many of us follow roads set by other people, rather than leading by our unique truth.

Footprints on a dirt path following the route to meaning and fulfillment.

We fear the unknowns of our dreams and choose safer, more secure routes, then end up years down the line in careers and lifestyles that don't serve our souls. We follow the way of someone else.

You're here because you feel called to live in a way that fills you with meaning and nourishes your soul.

Are you:


Excited by the idea of exploring new life or career directions but don’t want to lose all that you’ve worked so hard for?

Achieving your financial goals but frustrated that you have no time or energy to enjoy living?

Craving a big change but worried about disappointing those who rely on you?

Feeling low on energy, demotivated, burnt out and unfulfilled?

Longing to ignite your sense of freedom, adventure and bring zest back to your life?

If any of the above resonate with you, I'd love to help you find ways forward towards your soul's deepest wishes, so you can adventure on a fulfilling life path empowered by your own values, visions and truth.

Ready to Unearth, Explore and Harness the Power of Your True Nature?

Your Decision Empowerment Coach, Jessica Urquhart, C.P.C.

Your Coach, Jessica Urquhart, C.P.C.

Scenic road along mountaintop representing Scenic Route decision coaching program
Road leading straight to Monument Valley representing Monumental Moves decision coaching program


Road swiftly turning and ramping uphill representing the Swift Turns decision coaching program.

"Success is loving life and daring to live it."

~ Maya Angelou

Is it Time to Drive Down the Road that Your Heart's Been Calling Out For?

Decision Empowerment Coach Jessica Urquhart backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains

The coordinates to locate the elevation and angular position of a star from your perspective.

The truth of our nature is a magnificent, integrated existence with the cosmos; fundamentally born from elements of the stars, we hold a vast universe of possibility within.

No matter how dark or cloudy the skies may be, we can always find our way towards fulfillment by looking inward to our guiding star.

"You are the universe experiencing itself."

~ Alan Watts

Are You Looking for Your Path to More Meaning and Fulfillment?

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