"Jessica is such an amazing, uplifting and knowledgeable coach. I am beyond grateful for how much she was able to teach me in the amount of time we worked together. Her words of encouragement and positive outlook always made me feel so much better about myself and my situation. She took the time to make sure I understood the steps and was readily available if I had questions. I am no longer lost when it comes to how I want to see my future. I know what I am capable of and Jessica helped me to understand and see I am capable of amazing things, including getting myself back on track. I am looking forward to working with her again soon. She is very reliable, trustworthy and an "outside the box" type of coach and also and absolute treasure. I highly recommend Coach Jess!"

~Amy H.

"Working with Jessica has been a deeply transformational process for me. We worked together for 4 sessions that have changed my life. I was having so much anxiety at work regarding specific engagements and teams. She asked the right questions and offered profound insights that helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were blocking me, allowing me to reconnect with Source and my inherent knowing and being. Jessica holds a safe and beautiful space to explore and grow. Jessica is a caring, compassionate, insightful and skilled coach. She will meet you where you are and walk with you side by side on your journey."

~Meghan M.

"I loved Jessica's clarity of vision and ability to articulate what she notices in a session. She made me feel safe and totally non-judged, and she allowed me the space to discover my own revelations at my own pace - what a gift that was to me, not to be pushed into a pre-conceived agenda.


Working with Jessica lets me relax into a place inside myself where self-discovery happens, thanks to the space she holds for me. I find her unique and invaluable."

~Debbi M.

"Jessica does a wonderful job in tailoring her approach to the individual. I am not a person who is comfortable discussing my personal thoughts and issues with others but I always felt our sessions were a comfortable space that I could open up.


I appreciated the fact that Jessica helped me navigate my thought process to a place where I could come to conclusions that felt right for me and not being told what to feel or what steps to take from a predetermined script. Any push-back or challenge was always firm but given in a way that felt genuine and not critical or harsh. Her support and insights are extremely valuable and heartfelt. I highly recommend her for coaching services."

~Michelle S.

"I had a great experience being coached by Jessica. She provided great tools and support to accomplish the goals I set up for myself and she followed up with me in between sessions to check on the progress. The coaching relationship felt very natural and she always listened and provided great advice on how to make myself accountable. I highly recommend her services as a coach."

~Ingrid M.

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